Consultancy and design

In the designing process, we develop a vision for the integration of various building automation systems. With this vision, we strive to reduce energy costs by improving the efficiency of control-related processes. We examine the facility’s current energy flow/supply, and its demand for the near future, and identify ways of maximizing your energy productivity savings. ReMe Techniek designs installations and mechanical systems that are tailored to your facilities. ReMe Techniek can provide control engineering solutions for any engineering problem you may encounter regarding heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or sustainable energy sources and storage.
We will draft project-specific control-related specifications based on the technical design. When drafting the necessary specifications, we focus on the main characteristics of a good specification, with information that is complete and accurate.

Requirement Specification Service

The ReMe Techniek requirement specification service enables designers and specification writers to choose the best product for any project situation and describe these products in the specifications.
You will find our standard specifications for HVACcontrol under the link Downloads.
Please contact us if you have any questions or require specific documentation. We can provide project-specific specifications. This will make sure that your specification documents are accurate and complete, and prevent any ‘gaps’ in the specifications once the work on the project is in progress.


Does your installation work the way it is supposed to?
We want to ensure that the performance of the system and all its components is in accordance with the operation requirements of the individual client. To make this possible, we offer an extra service – commissioning. To check the performance of the installation, we set up test protocols that will be executed during the various stages of the building process, thus ensuring that any problems are detected and resolved early on in the process. After commissioning, you can be sure that the system can be used immediately and that its performance is in accordance with the design.


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