Hardware engineering

Each installation is unique; that is why the type of hardware for the control switchboard and its installation is based on your specific demands and requirements.
Needless to say, European guidelines, or specific guidelines such as ATEX or UL, will be taken into account. Internal environmental factors such as temperature and humidity may play a role.
Our specialists can give you independent advice about the units that will be used.
Once all the criteria have been set, we will develop your control switchboard with EPLAN, which is linked to our own ERP system, thus ensuring that the ordering procedure runs quickly and accurately. We generate products such as components, I/O module and cable lists with EPLAN as well as the layout of the HVAC control switchboard.

Control engineering design

EWe can offer you the technical support you need, based on our on-site experience.
Optimal indoor climate control all year round requires a climate control system in which generating energy, air treatment systems, and heating and cooling units are included. Process engineering, automation and automation management are all part of the field of PCE.


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